how we give back

full circle

In the UK, over 1 million tons of textiles will be tossed out and sent to landfills this year alone. In the USA, the figure will exceed 15 million tons of textiles. We design and produce our garments with longevity in mind, as we do not believe clothing should be cheaply made or easily discarded.

With each Dagny purchase, you are also contributing to a more environmentally-friendly fashion industry of tomorrow. We partnered with Circle Economy, a coalition whose mission is to accelerate the practical and scalable implementation of a circular economy. They produce critical data, tools, and pilot projects to build a new foundation for a circular textiles industry. Particularly exciting is their research and development of textile sorting and recycling, through which fibers can be infinitely and effectively reused. This recycling program saves garments from landfills, while using very few natural resources. 

As a member of Circle Economy, we contribute financially to these projects and participate in ongoing discussions with like-minded businesses in an effort to create a sustainable textile economy.