what are sustainable fabrics?

All of the fabrics sourced for Dagny must meet high standards of sustainability, quality, and testing. We try to use surplus fabric whenever possible, saving these rolls from landfills. We purchase these fabrics from defunct mills or other brands who have too much stock. We take great pride in giving new life to beautiful rolls of fabric and reducing our use of virgin resources. 

When we cannot find exactly what we want from surplus fabrics, we source the most responsible and industry-vetted fabrics. Our Tencel and Modal fabrics are certified by Lenzing, a radically eco-friendly company. Lenzing creates fibers from responsibly-sourced eucalyptus trees in an almost entirely closed-loop process, continually recycling and reusing the water and (non-toxic) chemicals needed to produce the fiber.  Our organic cotton fabrics are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This is an ecological and social standard for labelling organic cotton, which requires strict criteria to be followed for each step of the process: from farming to weaving through to the final treatment of the fabric. 

We are equally as vigilant about how our artwork is printed on our fabrics. Our patterns are printed using a state-of-the-art machine which digitally prints directly onto the fabric, eliminating the industry's traditional use of water, paper, and chemical treatments. The dyes used are 100% biodegradable and GOTS certified as well.