our vision

what the future holds

We believe design and sustainability go hand-in-hand. We will never compromise on these two tenants, ensuring that each Dagny garment is as beautifully designed as it is consciously made. We envision a fashion industry of the future where sustainability is the norm, but for now, we are excited and proud to partner with like-minded companies, mills, factories, and people to produce our garments as eco-consciously and ethically as possible. 

Our ultimate vision is a fashion brand that continually reuses the resources we require to make our garments through select partnerships, recycled fabrics, and repurposed trims. We have set firm company-wide sustainable benchmarks, such as geographically streamlining our supply chain, joining key sustainable organizations, acquiring sustainable certifications, and instigating zero-waste policies.  

In recognition of these efforts, Dagny was awarded the prestigious Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury in January 2018, certifying that we are a 'Brand to Trust.' We will continue to assess the best, most responsible practices as we grow and as new resources and technologies become available. To us, being sustainable means being adaptable, curious, and humble. From the bottom our our hearts, thank you for joining us on this sustainable journey.